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The bell rings and an universal sign is let free. The sneakers, uggs, flip flops, and high heels click and smack against the cold floor every second and in between. The loud talking and gossiping creates a buzzing noise throughout the hallways. There is talk of weekend plans, dating details and teenage drama of girls hating girls and boys’ sports team losing. It echoes like a bottomless pit. The obnoxious ringing of the bell is let go again and everyone breathes a collective sigh. They are too tired for any work.

Hey Everybody

So recently, Monday actually, i stayed up literally all night to work on a project that was due to my psychology class the next day. The weekend and couple of weeks before were the holidays, Christmas and New years. The last thing i was thinking was about my homework due in my psychology class or any class for that matter . So the brilliant genius i was decided to stay up all night to work on this research paper which ironically was about dreaming, somthing i wasn’t doing.

The next morning i was dead to the world. I was a living, breathing zombie. I couldn’t see straight and i had to drive. Don’t worry though, i made it without hitting, running over or killing anyone but i do recognize that it wasn’t the best thing to do. I got to school and even my best friend could tell that i didn’t get any sleep the night before. She said that my face just looked different in some way as i was thinking “Great. The 20 layers of makeup i caked on to cover the bags obviously seen under my eyes had not worked to its full affect. Damn!” I went to class to class grabbing and squeezing in any form of sleep that i could which wasn’t a lot. I couldn’t wait to go home and the day was dragging on so slow. I wanted to rip the clock off the wall and make the end bell ring to go home.

The class i had sacrificed my precious sleep for was next and also the one right before the class i could get the most sleep in. I walk in complaining how tired i was to my best friend who sits right next to me in that class and the poor girl listened to me and all my whining. What a friend!! The time comes to turn in our papers and the teacher changes her mind and decides it can be due the next day. This was the ultimate suicide moment for me. If there was ever a time i wanted to shoot myself, it would have been the one at that very moment. I stayed up to do a paper that was due the next next day instead of the next day. I was pretty mad and just too exhausted to think.

Needless to say i went home and straight to bed. I went to bed at 3 PM and didn’t wake up until 10:50 PM. my mother trieD to wake me up and she couldn’t even wake me up. So here is my lesson of the day to you readers : NEVER PULL AN ALL NIGHTER BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE A SUPRISE EXTENSION. Take it from me i have experienced a hell like day like that

❤ Yours Always (now refreshed 🙂  )

Plain Jane