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School Uniforms will unite the school body as one. School uniforms keep  distractions away from clothing. Where is our sense of freedom, originality and character?

The last touchdown, followed by the field goal, was a ,moment where no one was breathing. The referee calls it and it’s good. Everyone jumps out of their seat and hugs each other with great intensity. A moment of joy is shared by all hawks.

MissSmartyPants, when you meet her, is warm and accepting. She welcomes any form of discussion. On the other side, she isn’t afraid of what she believes in. She speaks her mind to anyone that will listen. With music, she’s a passionate soul. This lady balances the two sides out perfectly.

Class was moving like a turtle: I wished it would hurry so i could go home and enjoy the day.

The bell rings and an universal sign is let free. The sneakers, uggs, flip flops, and high heels click and smack against the cold floor every second and in between. The loud talking and gossiping creates a buzzing noise throughout the hallways. There is talk of weekend plans, dating details and teenage drama of girls hating girls and boys’ sports team losing. It echoes like a bottomless pit. The obnoxious ringing of the bell is let go again and everyone breathes a collective sigh. They are too tired for any work.

The junior stood in the inner circle of the ever forming ring surrounding what would be the highlight of the year. Two senior girls were biting, scratching, pawing and grabbing at each other to create painful blows to the opposite opponent.

The soft edges are rubbery and the sides are rounded. There are dents where the mistakes have been fixed and classroom boredom has effected the learning.  Yet when you open the eyes, the object looks decorated and neatly designed with a pattern that only one can make.