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A Friend

MissSmartyPants, when you meet her, is warm and accepting. She welcomes any form of discussion. On the other side, she isn’t afraid of what she believes in. She speaks her mind to anyone that will listen. With music, she’s a passionate soul. This lady balances the two sides out perfectly.

The bell rings and an universal sign is let free. The sneakers, uggs, flip flops, and high heels click and smack against the cold floor every second and in between. The loud talking and gossiping creates a buzzing noise throughout the hallways. There is talk of weekend plans, dating details and teenage drama of girls hating girls and boys’ sports team losing. It echoes like a bottomless pit. The obnoxious ringing of the bell is let go again and everyone breathes a collective sigh. They are too tired for any work.


My Name is: Plain Jane

Why I’m Stupid
[] You can’t Tie my shoes.
[] You like a guy/girl for no reason.
[]  You sniff everything
[X] You’ve pissed off a Bee
[X] You’ve had an ‘accident’
[X] You’ve bitten someone
[X] You didn’t know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Alphabet had the same tune
[X] You’ve gotten Lemon Juice in my eyes, with your Lemon
[X] You’ve failed a test or quiz

Why I’m Cool:
[] You say Rawr. Frequently.
[X] You own aviators
[X] You like to Party
[X] You wear in style clothes
[] You take an activity out of school. []
[X] You’ve been in a Boat
[X]  You Smile. ALOT.
[X] You have stuck my tongue out at someone
[X] You’ve Stuck Gum to the bottom of a desk or table.
[] You can ski or Snowboard

Your Favourite Colours:
2. Blue

Best Friend: SocialAwkward Girl
Worst Enemy: DumbAssGirl
Middle Name [s] : Isabelle
Shoe Size: 9
Height: 5’3
Homeroom: None?
Favourite Clothing Brand: hmmm… American Eagle
Favourite Celebrity: Katy Perry

Finish these with the FIRST thing that comes to your mind.

The Cow said Moo and : Baah
It’s Raining: its pouring
Let’s talk about: Sex XD
Larry “Woof” ,  Julie “Rawr” and Bob: GRRR
Georgie Porgie: Margie
Gumballs are just: gummalicious
Random Bits And Bites: Hurt?
What Colour is your Underwear: Blue
Where are you: Home
The Colour of your Bedroom Walls: Purple
Your Opinion on Obama: Rawr lol idk
Take Reflection Pictures: water
Like Your Hair: yess
Your Opinion on Blue Fuzzy Boots: warm
Did You Ever Like the Song “Low” YES !!!!!! shawty had them apple bottom jeans boots with the fur the fur the whole club was starin at her she hit the flo next think ya kno shawty got low low low low low low low low 🙂
You Paint Your Nails This Colour: reds and purples l
Grade: D
You Can Beatbox: yup
Your Ringtone: shes country
Favourite Drink: orange soda
Think Zac Efron’s Cool: nah
Favourite Flower: roses or daisies
Do You Like Snoopy: yes !!!
Favourite Pastime T.V. Show: Whose line is it anyway, jersey shore, Conan, 90210 and so many others
School Tomorrow: nope its saturday
Virgin: yessir im not a whore
Can You Do a Cartwheel: nope
Ever thought of Killing Someone: nope wellll technically myself counts so yes
Favourite Hockey Team: none
Facebook Profile Picture: me
Ever Tasted a Sock: ewww no

You Have :
[X] A Computer
[X] A Laptop
[X] A Camera
[X] A Cell Phone
[X] An iPod/mp3 player
[X] Your Own Bedroom
[X]Your Own Bathroom
[] More than 2 Siblings
[X] Lots of Homework
[X] An Article of Clothing from Abercrombie
[] A Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
[X] An Instrument
[X] Biological Parents
[X] A Life
[X] A Car

Who of your friends Would:
Eat More than a horse: hmmm … perry
Take a bullet for anyone: no one?
Dance in Front of Millions: no idea
Go Naked Far a week For 1 Million: no idea
Take Up knitting: no idea hahah
Pay people to wink at them: perry
Give a Hobo 30 bucks: no idea
Be a Hobo: ahahhaa me? 😀
Cut themself and Be Emo: victoria jk
Laugh for Days at a Lame Joke: me 😀
Spend Thousands on Clothes: ME
Spread the Most Ridiculous Rumour: ME
Adopt a Penguin: Jessie