Category: Drama Queen

The bell rings and an universal sign is let free. The sneakers, uggs, flip flops, and high heels click and smack against the cold floor every second and in between. The loud talking and gossiping creates a buzzing noise throughout the hallways. There is talk of weekend plans, dating details and teenage drama of girls hating girls and boys’ sports team losing. It echoes like a bottomless pit. The obnoxious ringing of the bell is let go again and everyone breathes a collective sigh. They are too tired for any work.

The junior stood in the inner circle of the ever forming ring surrounding what would be the highlight of the year. Two senior girls were biting, scratching, pawing and grabbing at each other to create painful blows to the opposite opponent.

Unattractive Relative

I described one of my family members

She stands and looks down on people with her nose sticking out like a hitchhiker’s thumb on an empty stretch of road. She complains of her weight yet she eats bon bons and pieces of cake and pie like there is no tomorrow. She thinks is the best thing to happen to the world and knows everything there is to know about the world. Maybe she should do a once over before she judges those around her.