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Time Flashes By … Sometimes

Class was moving like a turtle: I wished it would hurry so i could go home and enjoy the day.

From flappers to vintage wear, poodle skirts to bell bottoms and from flared jeans to big hair, fashion has changed or advanced through the ages. Each style has described a definition of life through the styles of how we wore those clothes. They define us and the way of life. They tell the world who the wearer is as a person.

My favorite article of clothing that i own is my ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are similar to regular blue jeans except the ripped jeans have holes in them. The holes can range from tiny little tears to ginormous gashes. They can also be anywhere on the jeans. Some holes are on the knees and some are on the back of the jeans. My ripped jeans have a hole around the knee, the front of my upper thigh and another one in the knee but lasting all the way down to my shin. The holes are frayed and look worn in and rugged, a style that can describe my personality well.

My mom and dad were born in an era where fashion was defined in a very distinctive way. My dad was born in the late 50’s when conservative cocktail dresses were in style and my mother was born in the early 60’s when bright colors and go-go looks were in. They were born in a different era for fashion. They don’t really understand the whole ripped  jean look. My mom tells me that my jeans look like something that you would find a hobo or a homeless person wearing on the dirty city streets where she works. She thinks i’m a little crazy to be wearing something that has holes in it and look rediculous but she doesn’t understand that its the style and that’s what’s “in”.

I have a different approach to how i see my choice of style in clothing. When i think of ripped jeans, i think of a rugged, worn in and rebellious spirited person. I think that these jeans have been through a time or two. They have a certain story to tell, kind of like my personality. I hold a sort of rebellious spirit. I want to break through the clichés, stereotypes and all around typical things for a teenager to do. I want to be my own person. I want to stand out and be heard. I want to be me. To me these jeans are not a piece of sewn cloth to keep me warm. They are an art form and express to the world who i am as a person and a character in this game called life. Ripped jeans are my style of choice.

Ripped jeans are more than a holey piece of clothing. They’re more than a misunderstanding of a generation to another generation. They’re a definition of character. They’re an outlet for the inward rebels and the expressions they hold deep inside. They’re my favorite type of clothing and the best thing in my closet.

The soft edges are rubbery and the sides are rounded. There are dents where the mistakes have been fixed and classroom boredom has effected the learning.  Yet when you open the eyes, the object looks decorated and neatly designed with a pattern that only one can make.