The house hunting is always a risk, especially in this economy. As a realtor’s daughter, I see the ins and outs of the house market business. As any investment is, buying a house or apartment or condominium or anything to put a roof over your head, is not steady and always shifts according to the consumers and the economy so it is important to love where u rest your head. My ideal apartment would be just that.

My ideal apartment would be a place big enough so that i may be able to stay there for a while and maybe even, down the road, raise a family. I want a kind of big family so it needs to be able to start that family until a better house comes on the market. For the time being, the apartment i chose is spacious and would be perfect for someone who is going to college in that area.

My ideal Apartment is in an area that I am familiar with. I grew up in the area and it is near my family. I believe close bonds with family is very important so I would want my kids to be close to their grandma and grandpa like I was with mine; Call it giving my kids what i had.  In this way, this apartment would be the best thing for me.

Having the perfect place to raise a family and somewhere to make memories is the ideal house for me. It is close to family and its spacious enough to make memories. Thanks to for finding me a place where i can make the best memories with my friends and family.