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Marley and Me

I saw Marley and Me and i expected to hear a story about a cute little puppy and the troubles or adventures he faced. What the viewer got was a story about a man who got married and went through jobs and how things play out in his life and it was very bland and something i had no interest in. It needed more depth and content.

School Uniforms will unite the school body as one. School uniforms keep  distractions away from clothing. Where is our sense of freedom, originality and character?

The pitcher throws the ball and everyone intakes a breath to see what’s going to happen. It ripples over all of the red sox fans. They’d like to see a home run.

The hitter hits the ball so hard to hear the crack as the ball hits the bat and the bat splits in 20 pieces. The fans draw another breath. The ball flies through midair and lands in the opposing fan’s mitt. The crowd sighs and cheers wildly. We got a home run.

Lucy saw the puddle of water and was ready to leap. She ran towards it and kept up in the air like she was jumping over a cliff fighting for her life.

As i walk across the sandy beach, the trees swayed in the wind which kicked up the rustling if the leaves, the waves crash onto one another on the shore and my heels made a crunching noise as i took step after step in the bottomless sandtrap. The seasalt swirled through the air  bringing me back to my summers at my resting place.

Paris Hilton is a girl living off her daddy’s money. Her face resembles that of a skeleton, all skin and bones. She’s not the sharpest tool in the toolshed. Thank god for her dad’s multi-million dollar business or she’d have a hard time on her own.

The bitter pink and soft skin of the fruit and the disgusting bitter seeps in even more and i learn to not be decieved how beautiful a certain fruit is.

I felt like a forgotten soul as i realized i slept off th debt due to a long night of work not done over the holidays.

She was ready to sing to make sweet music, to belt out the lyrics; but looking at the darkened crowd and the strange faces and froze as a cube of ice.

The last touchdown, followed by the field goal, was a ,moment where no one was breathing. The referee calls it and it’s good. Everyone jumps out of their seat and hugs each other with great intensity. A moment of joy is shared by all hawks.