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Hello Nonexistant readers

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday.  i know i did. On christmas eve, me my mother, stepfather, grandfather, cousin Athlete, Cousin Gangstah and my grandmother all went to church first. That’s what we do every year. This year, however, there was an exception. We went to a different church instead of going to MexicoChurch, we went to ChurchInTheWoods. So that was new.

Then we went out to eat at NotSoHotResteraunt.  I wish we went to the place we got to every year the AmazinglyAwesomeItalianPlace. So i just got a cheeseburger and it was good. It tasted like a cheeseburger. Afterwards we went back to my grandma’s house and opened presents that she got us.  here’s a list of what i got:

  • Pair of Slippers
  • gift card to Fashion Bug gift card / american eagle card
  • Gloves
  • Cute NY sweatshirt
  • Victoria secret card 😀
  • $50
  • Makeup set
  • Smoothie Maker aka blender

I loved all that i got its great and i cant wait to use it all. The next morning i woke up at 9 AM which is late for me. So i got up and got so much more stuff from santa claus.  Here’s what he got me

  • Soundtrack for o brother where art thou
  • O Brother Where Art Thou the movie
  • Make Up
  • Navigation system for my car
  • Baseball for dummies
  • Guitar for dummies
  • Architecture for dummies
  • How well do you know the red sox game thing
  • Fenway Park tin sign
  • Red Sox Mr Potato head
  • Red sox shirt and pants
  • Victoria Secret Underwear
  • Candy
  • Baseball chronicles book
  • Gone with the wind movie
  • The office game
  • Friday night lights season 1
  • That 70’s show season 1
  • 27 Dresses movie
  • ESPN sports jeopardy
  • American Eagle shirt
  • Nail Polish Stuff
  • Cute snowflake clutch
  • Chipotle gift card
  • 2 gift certificates for the movies
  • pretty necklace
  • awesome scarf
  • daughter hanging thingy
  • Tube of lipstick
  • love necklace
  • khols gift card
  • socks

So i got a lot of stuff for christmas. Then i went over to my aunts house where i got:

  • Love Rocks bottle of perfume
  • Sephora gift card X 2
  • Victoria Secret Yoga Pants
  • $100
  • Peace Sign Ceramic decor
  • the book 1968 in america
  • Earrings made from ear buds on headphones


So thats what my christmas was like. How bout the readers?

❤ your’s always

Plain Jane

Christmas Eve 2010

I’d Like to wish all my nonexistant readers a very Merry Christmas eve !!

❤ Your’s Always

Plain Jane

In my last entry, i promised that i’d tell you the story about Jehovah. Strap on your seatbelts as i tell a story of heartbreak, infidelity and long distance love.

His name was Johovah , because he was a jehovah witness. I met him on an online site for teenagers, to be in fact. He was a really sweet guy. We talked for hours and hours  on end. We never really got each others numbers because we wanted to make sure the other person was legit and not an offender or anything. After about a couple months, we finally got our numbers and we automatically started talking. The key fact here though was that he lived in California. So we texted and texted and texted. We got to know each other very well. We also told each other everything we were doing so there was no doubts about infidelity and such. We always compared what our favorites were and we found that we liked almost the same thing. It was great. It felt good too. That feeling that you get when you may have found you’re exact opposite, it feels good.

We finally started going out about 2 months after we had started talking all the time. It was in this time that we had made some really vital futuristic plans. He wanted to marry me and he wanted my kids. I was speechless when he told me this. I had never thought about that. I was young and i was in, what i had thought was, love. After he said this, however, i realized that i was trying to change him to be perfect. He was a Jehovah witness. That fact would most definitely not go over well with my family. I was not going to convert because i had already promised and swore to god that i was a catholic, which i was content with. I tried to tell him that i wasn’t allowed to marry out of my religion. He promised that he was going to convert for me. I was thrilled. Also, small details like what he watches. For example, he liked basketball and i told him that he should like football because for some reason my “ideal” guy was one that watched football. It wasn’t until after we had broken up that i realized that that was probably not the smartest decision to say to him. I wanted him and i didn’t want a version of him. Well we broke up 3 different times and got back together twice. This last time was very hard and brutal on my heart.

It was the day before i was taking my driver’s test. I was pumped and ready to go to pass my test. I was Instant messaging him from my phone because he didn’t have his cell phone. My cousin was over and decided to talk to him. They were talking and enjoying themselves. He said he was going to eat and he’d be right back. That was the last time i ever talked to Jehovah. I emailed him desperate messages of “where are you at?” and “I’m really worried” which i was. I was really worried. It has been 5 months since i stopped speaking to him. I was left heartbroken and confused. What went wrong? What did i say? What did i do? was it my cousin? I don’t know and i never will.

Today i have a new boy in my life, Plushy, my ex. We went to Chipotle with his sister and went back to his house. I met his mom and sister PlushySister, whom i enjoy talking to the most.  I also met his father and his friend IcedT, who’s the funniest gay guy i have ever met. His family is very interesting and fun. There’s a lot of interaction that goes on there. I love it. It’s also very warm and inviting though his dad is a little cold but thats okay because his mom is very warm and nice. A new adventure of history is repeating itself.  And i am excited.

❤ Your’s Always

Plain Jane


New Adventure

Soo i have this ex boyfriend, Plushy, hes a little wierd and off the beaten track. So me and him are going to hang out today.First let me give you the background of our history as a couple.

In the beginning of  9th grade me and him were into each other. So we decided to be more than just friends. But we decided upon this at the start of summer break. Neither of us could drive at the time so it was a little difficult going and hanging out and seeing each other. We made the best of the relationnship and we talked on IM and texting all the time. We had fun though we didnt see each other. The other part of the fact that we were dating was the fact that he didnt want to tell any of his friends that we were dating which made me think that maybe he was ashamed of me. This hurt and he was my first boyfriend. We dated for about a month and had to end things for they were not going as well as planned. It lasted for a month. Then the next year we went to date again because we were good at giving second chances. That ended up badly too. It only lasted a week. This last time that we dated, it only lasted for 1 day, more like 1 date. I had another boyfriend but we were taking a break. This other boyfriend lived in California, Jehova is what we’ll call him. I felt bad that there was another guy(that story tomorrow). So here we are today going to a wonderful mexican resteraunt – Chipotle- 😀 and we’re going to see how it goes

❤ Your’s Always

Plain Jane


So this is my first post please bear with me, i’m getting used to this.

I am a senior in a huge high school where unless you grew up here you’re whole life, you will get lost and fall deep in to the dark abyss that is “Unpopularity”. I am not part if this cliche group and i moved to this area, we’ll call it Hicktown, in the beginning of 8th grade. I started off not knowing anybody and like a lost puppy unaware of who was who and what they were “known” for.

Unike all girls in the movies, i am curvy,ifyouwill, and am not a stick. I love who i am and i consider myself to be a plush sized lovable girl. I’m not “popular”  and do not intend to be. I love my friends because they stick with me and they don’t care what i look like either. They accept me and that is good enough for me.

Those are the basics or the foundation. Now to get to the juicy gossip or the lovely

Well lately i have been flip floppin’ like a fish outta water with how i feel about some of the boys in my school. The first guy i liked, Oreo, was the guy i liked the most. I liked him as far as a person can like another without falling head over heels. He was really adorable and he was the nicest guy a girl could meet. It used to be me and him and then this one girl, BlondeEmoGirl,  moved on the other side of the room catty corner to Oreo. Also sitting with me and oreo was, pandabear, well BlondeEmoGirl was talking to Pandabear and Oreo. She was literally stealing him from under my nose. Well she sat there everyday and i noticed more and more that they were growing more fond to her than me and i was finding myself becoming more distant than we used to be. I was feeling a depressed attitude.. I found that Oreo,before he liked me, had now started to like this girl, BlondEmoGirl. I had to move seats.  So, i did. A kid, AutisticAndy, was hating his seat because someone was always staring at him. It just so happened that his seat was right next to my best friend, Sassy’s seat. I was so incredibly excited. Not only because i was sitting next to my best friend but i was getting space to start getting distance from Oreo so that i could let this head over heels crush disintegrate. Which i did get over it relatively quickly. But little did i know i was actually jealous the getting over the crush phase was just a coating to protect myself.

Oreo has a really great friend,TwinA, who was really cute. He used to talk to me all the time and he even flirted a lot with me. He asked me and another girl to go to the movies with him, though the plans fell through due to the slick icy roads. Well, after that, like Oreo, i fell for him, crush style. He was super cute and me sassy and another girl, Redhead, were all frieking out and squealing like little girls. Silly us. Then my spirits were crushed once more. I found out that not only did he like the other girl, BigNose, but he also was a player of all sorts and he didnt want a relationship but a bunch of hookups. Well like the Kelly Clarkson song, “I do not hook-up.” So… that ended but wait theres more. I started texting him again because he’s just so darn cute. I couldn’t resist but i’m not getting my hopes up. We shall see what happens in the laying path ahead. Be prepared for a bumpy road. Fasten your seatbelts tight. Let’s Go!

❤ Yours always,



Hey Everybody im new to the WordPress World.

My motives of my wonderful world of my life and the second half of my last year in high school. ha but all names have been changed and i will refer to myself as Plain Jane because thats all we really are, the bulk of us at least.  SO here we go.

Join me as i discover the world of blogging and such.


❤ plain Jane